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We are dragging post production into the 21st century! Not only do we produce high end cost-effective results but we also pride ourselves on designing a post production department that merges seamlessly with your company to offer as much or as little as you need. This gives you the flexibility to cover all aspects of post from media ingest, subcontracting Edit Assistants, Colourists and Online Editors to equipment rental, reference monitor calibration, delivery and archive. We can do it all!


We are obsessed with having the latest and greatest instruments to arm our team with. Our finishing suites are state of the art and can be set up almost anywhere to Grade and Online (just give us a room and we can have a system up and running in no time at all) or alternatively come join us at our HQ in West London. Giving our finishing team access to these systems which include all the contemporary software from Avid, Adobe and Apple as well as Baselight and DaVinci Resolve, allows them the freedom to work with whatever tools are the best for the job.


When it comes to producing the highest quality sound you need the highest quality talent available. It is for this very reason that we've partnered with Vaudeville. Offering audio post production remedies with freelance affiliates that are amongst the best in the business, they can create outstanding work in the friendliest of environments.


Delivery can be a convoluted subject in this day and age. Rest assured that you are in very capable hands as we have a history of mastering programmes for a number of networks around the world, regardless of the tape or file format and frame rate including DCP and AS-11.


  • Mandy Thomson, Executive Producer, October Films
    I worked with Finish Line personally on our Jodie Marsh series and they are brilliant. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them. The PM liked their invoices, the SP and I enjoyed the flexibility of an online in our office and our broadcaster, TLC, thought the end product looked and sounded great. A winner all round. They also looked after Walking The Nile/Himalayas for October Films.

  • Edurne Bengoa, Head of Post Production for MSV Post, Pioneer Productions, Mentorn Media and Firecracker
    The Finish Line is instrumental to MSV Post's success. We have been working together since 2012, and our relationship has grown stronger every year. Their editors and colourists are not only creative, but incredibly technical, and willing to go the extra mile when needed. They are very generous with their time, and are happy to be included in pre-production meetings to offer advice, which is fantastic. As an in-house post facility, it's not viable for us to have full time editors employed, but with The Finish Line, we get the best of both worlds. My clients are very happy, so I'm very happy!

  • Donna Mulvey-Jones, Head of Post Production for Fremantle Media UK
    The Finish Line are a team of highly skilled people who we use to compliment all areas of our in-house facility from tech support, onlining, grading and tech reviews. Talent is the key when it comes to our finishing post, and these guys are not only hugely creative and brilliant, but they are a pleasure to work with. They work with us to create a flexible and smooth post production service to our clients. The final result is a happy production team and a fantastic end programme.

  • Paul Jones, Head of Post Production for Princess Post Production, Endemol Shine Group
    Working with the Finish line is always a pleasure. They combine the very best creative talent and deep technical knowledge to provide a fantastic service. The entire team is committed to your project and nothing is ever too much trouble.


    If any of the above tickles your fancy please do get in touch!

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